Change of Address

Have you moved since you got your amateur radio license?  This is a common concern for renters or apartment-dwelling hams and revocation or suspension of your license is the ultimate consequence of failing to notify the FCC.

If you have relocated your QTH from one place to another, or if you have otherwise changed your mailing address, you are obliged to update your postal address with the FCC in the United States.  The FCC needs to know where to reach you by mail for either operator or station license questions or issues.

It’s also common courtesy to other hams who want to send QSL cards or just to know where you are located based on your call sign.


US Code of Federal Regulations 47 C.F.R Section 97.21 requires you to file timely for an update of the license as necessary to show your correct mailing address, name, club name, license trustee or custodian name. Revocation of your station license or suspension of your operator license may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because you failed to provide the correct mailing address.

In the US you can update your address online (filing electronically) at the FCC ULS site. There you will find instructions on how to submit a change of address form via mail as well (filing manually).

One other related possibility here:  Maybe you don’t want the federal government and other people to know exactly where you live.  In this case you can change your address to a PO box so that the FCC and other folks won’t have a physical address for your location.  The government and savvy searchers will probably figure it out anyway, but this extra layer of insulation makes some people feel more secure.

Unlike the old days, moving outside your numeric region (call district) does not mean a new call sign.  You get to keep your existing call sign no matter where in the US you relocate.

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