Welcome to the NewHams.info site.  Its purpose is to provide training, information and general encouragement to new or prospective amateur radio operators (hams).  Sort of a virtual “Elmer”, as we say.  Experienced hams should find it interesting and useful as well.

Organized in sort of a blog format, post topics are usually small and simple. You can scroll through the posts sequentially or search for key words or click on a category of interest.

The reader can sign up for email notification of new posts by clicking on the Follow button below Categories on the sidebar.

Topics generally cater to USA hams getting started in amateur radio with local VHF/UHF communications.  However, HF band operators and hams in other countries should find something interesting here as well.

You will see US license exam questions and answers in green boxes to refresh your knowledge in various posts.

NewHams.info is maintained by Jim Peisker, AF5NP.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Jim, I am thinking SDR and don’t see it in Categories.
    Any suggestions on books are a site to learn the craft?

    DTobey W5ORB


  2. Hi I made these up!

    Ham Radio Gods and Goddesses!
    1. FineUs! The Absolute most powerful of the Ham Gods! He rules with an iron hand! He is the FCC of the Gods!
    2. Dxious! The Goddess of DX. Second most worshiped only to the FineUs God!

    3. Tower! The God of Lighting! One of the most feared of the Gods!

    4. DitDot! The Morse Code God! He is mighty without using too much power!

    5. HotUsColdUs! The God of the Field Day. It is at his whim as too who will have a good day!

    6. Mobile Caritauis God of the mobile units. He makes your signals picket fence when you are bad!

    7. WreckedUs! Goddess of the HF pileup! She grants you contacts if you pay enough homage to her.

    8. ArrrG! God of the Pirate stations. He is watchful and will send the great God FineUs to get you!

    9.Timeout! Goddess of Rag Chewing. She is a lovable god! She will grant you good QSO’s!

    10. Big EAr! God of reading the mail. He makes you hear the good and the bad things!

    11. Copy Dat! God of Good reception.

    12. Quack! The God of the Rubber ducky and the handi-talkie!

    13. OnmybuttUs God of the ham shack. He hopes your chair is comfortable.

    14. Dufus! The Simplex God. He takes your prayers for good receptions and transmissions and will sometimes give you over to…DXis!

    15. RFtis Goddess of interference! Pray to her when your radio doesn’t play well with other electronic devices!


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