Understanding Antennas-A Simplified Perspective

A PowerPoint slideshow, Understanding Antennas / A Simplified Perspective for Ham Radio Operators is downloadable here:  Understanding Antennas-A Simplified Perspective

This presentation provides a working understanding of amateur radio antennas without being overly technical or dry.

The target audience is newer hams with limited knowledge of antennas.  It is presented at the Technician license level. You will see Technician license exam questions and answers to refresh your knowledge.

The presentation’s emphasis is on VHF/UHF antennas used for emergency communication and repeater use.  Other antennas are discussed, however, and the information provided is useful for all antennas types and frequencies.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint application you can download a free slideshow viewer for PCs here.  Likely there is an equivalent viewer for Apple products.

Be advised that animations may not display properly on all slideshow viewers.

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